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March 31, 2015

Hey if you guys want to ask me anything - you hate me- you love me blah blah. I would love to hear from you.  Just go to the CONTACTS section of my website and it will tell you how to get in touch with me. I will get back to everyone

Love: Chris

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  • Written about 38 hours ago
    We're all going to owe Charlie Sheen a big apology if the cure for all this turns out to be tiger blood. #30MoreDays
  • Written about 38 hours ago
    This oughta do it.
  • Written about 38 hours ago
    It's been nearly 3 weeks and some fashion designer still hasn't had to apologize for designing a racist germ mask. Soon. #panicshopping
  • Written about 4 days ago
    What am supposed to do with this April Fools Day cake and party decorations?


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